Medical Billing


Coding is a critical link between the Physician/Hospital services and reimbursements. At Altos, accurate coding of all procedures is performed and documented with compliance; ensuring appropriate reimbursement. Our vast experience in this domain augments our understanding of the intricacies of medical coding and its implications on revenue recognition and on healthy cash flow.

Clinical documentation is at the core of every patient encounter. In order to be meaningful, it must be accurate, timely, and reflect the scope of services provided. Successful clinical documentation improvement (CDI) facilitate the accurate representation of a patient’s clinical status that translates into coded data. Coded data is then translated into quality reporting, physician report cards, reimbursement, public health data, and disease tracking and trending.

The convergence of clinical, documentation and coding processes is vital to a healthy revenue cycle, and more important, to a healthy patient.

We have a team of highly qualified, experienced and AAPC/AHIMA certified coders who will service your coding requirements in compliance with the specified standards.

Our clients can leverage our capabilities in the U.S. for onsite, or remote coding and offshore coding from India to achieve a significant cost advantage.

  • Facility Coding

  • Professional Coding

  • Coding Audits

  • Coding Denials

  • Clinical Documentation Improvement