Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription

We take care of your transcriptions so that you can take care of your patients

Altos Inc. provides transcription and complete report preparation services to all physicians from solo practitioners to large medical groups and clinics with multiple locations with customer satisfaction, high accuracy and fast turnaround. We utilize state-of-the-art infrastructure, dictation platform, well-qualified and experienced transcriptionists and high-end software technologies to provide end-to-end solutions for transcription requirements. Our goal is to save you time, lower your costs and produce better reports.

We have over 10 years of experience in the medical transcription field and are reputed in the industry for our professionalism, uncompromising quality and accurate transcripts combined with our affordable rates.

We offer:

  • Transcription from dictation, chart notes, and exam forms

  • Customized templates and exam forms at no extra cost

  • Toll-free phone dictation, iPhone , Android or digital voice recorders

  • Reliable overnight – two day turnaround at competitive prices

  • 99% + accuracy, exceeds AHDI standards

  • Secure and HIPAA compliant

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