Medical Records Reviews and Summaries

Medical Transcription

Medical Records Reviews and Summaries

For physicians and healthcare organizations, we organize records summaries based on relevancy and chronology. Our experts meticulously review all data based on hospital records, private medical records and specialist consultations, laboratory notes, diagnostic reports, operative records, radiographic and imaging reports, patient admission and discharge records, progress notes, etc.  We provide the information needed to aid in the assessment of the patient’s condition and to accurately bill the payer for record review.

Our staff is trained to handle cases relating to any medical issue including personal injury, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, nursing home proceedings or any other medical necessity and general or medical-legal issues.

If you are happy with your existing transcribing company or in-house transcribers but you just need help with reviewing medical records, we are happy to help!  We have the resources available to generate thousands of pages of record review every day.

By taking advantage of this service, your initial treating or med-legal reports can be provided within the required time frame, making claims examiners, attorneys, employers and patients happy while giving the doctor and staff peace of mind.

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