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Ana Perez, Board Rep, MOR Lien Services

“As a board rep I appreciate the file prep done by Altos. It’s great to have a complete file with medicals and others to serve defense when working on a file. The fact that you know your case and your file is a great benefit. I also like the prompt attention to phone calls and texts for authority which is helpful and appreciated to settle liens quickly and efficiently. “

Dr. Allen Massihi

“I truly appreciate all the hard work and effort you and the staff are dedicating to me. “

Dr Chu @ Healthpointe

I truly appreciate the effort you put in getting the reports done in a timely manner.

IRU Services

“I was really happy when I found the team at Altos because you have definitely made me feel like my account is just as important as any other account. You are all very professional and helpful.
I was very disappointed working with the other collections company but the second I switched to Altos I started actually seeing positive results and quickly. Thank you. Keep up the great work!!”

Phil Longtin

“Altos has been awesome! You really have been the best to work with. Some clients still just send me to court with a bill and want every penny. I’m over that. “

Angie @ Dr. Dilanchian


Dr. Pablo Pazmiño

I am very appreciative of the team at Transcribe and their continual efforts on my behalf. I feel that my reports are actually very complicated and in order to compile my reports accurately they each require a great deal of customization and effort on the transcribers end.

Kelly @ Dr. Wilker

Many thanks to you and your team for getting the ROR done stat and handling all these RORs in a timely manner!

Patricia Garnette

You guys are awesome!! Thank you!!

Susan Chodakiewitz

Everyone I have met from Altos is so cooperative and just a pleasure to work with. We threw a lot of stuff at you all and you took it and swam with it. It is such a joy to be associated with you all. You are all so open-minded and always doing your best.

Ashley @ Workmedca

Thank you, So much for your hard work for STAT reports

Dr. Allen Massihi

You guys Rock!

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    Copyright by Altos Inc. 2018. All rights reserved.

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