Medical Management

Appointment Scheduling

A good appointment system is extremely important for a profitable and patient-friendly practice. Altos facilitates the appointment process for healthcare professionals. Our tailored program is designed to help you build a successful and thriving practice. We will help you reduce wasted time, reduce your no-shows and keep track of your patients so you can focus on quality of care.

Multiple locations? Multiple providers? No problem. We are able to sync up your locations to keep you organized and on the go.

Electronic Medical Record System Integration

Our team has experience with working with multiple EMR systems in an array of different capabilities. Depending on your needs, we can optimize your EMR features while remaining HIPAA compliant and following strict security protocols.

Bottom Line

At Altos, we consider you, your staff and us to be one team working together towards the same goals. We set up the appointments, perform the appointment reminders and keep clear communication with your office. We are sure to provide clear information in a professional yet compassionate environment with your English and Spanish speaking patients.

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    Copyright by Altos Inc. 2018. All rights reserved.

    Copyright by Altos Inc. 2018. All rights reserved.

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