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Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing Services

Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) services allow companies to remain competitive, proficient and efficient. Healthcare providers face many challenges in their business and their growth and operations are hampered by the administrative element of the profession. Altos, a HIPAA compliant Healthcare BPO Services provider, offers solutions that blend the best of people, process and technology to help streamline complex and tedious tasks.

Altos offers a complete healthcare BPO solution for healthcare, starting with patient admission and charge capture, verification of benefits, treatment authorization, document processing, to claims processing and receivables management. As a HIPAA certified organization, we place great emphasis on data security. We have stringent protocols in place at all levels of the organization to guarantee that clients’ sensitive information is secure at all times. The emphasis of our healthcare business process outsourcing services is towards delivering higher efficiency, improved performance and reduced administration costs for healthcare providers while enhancing patient satisfaction. We also provide a range of healthcare BPO services for insurance carriers, to simplify their processes.