Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) Management

Medical Management

Qualified Medical Evaluator (QME) Management

Whether you are a newly appointed QME physician or have been practicing for years, Altos has services to streamline your workflow and reduce inefficiencies. We are your one-stop-shop for all the support you need to make your QME practice successful at a significantly reduced price. We have the expertise, experience, and infrastructure to help you from A to Z. Our tailored program is designed to help you launch and build a successful and thriving QME practice.

From the moment the appointment is set, you and your staff have our full support in ensuring the life of that QME evaluation is successful, completed, and is delivered on time. We eliminate your worries about scheduling, managing, obtaining medical records, finalizing reports, assessing disability ratings, submitting billing, and sending out reports on time. We have a team of highly qualified billers, coders, and collectors who ensure that what is owed is collected promptly.

Altos offers a no-commitment, free, and comprehensive audit of your current QME practice. This evaluation audits your workflow, revenue, and profitability. We encourage you to take the leap and uncover the additional $$$ you deserve.

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o Professional and customer-oriented support team
o Effortless Schedule of QME appointments
o Referral screening and case information verification
o Submit of QME appointment notification form


o Manage medical records
o Schedule interpreting and transportation services
o Schedule and coordination of diagnostic testing

Phone Support

o Handle issues with all parties

Report Submission

o Track deadlines
o Send reminder alerts
o EAMS search for all parties served


o Review for proper coding
o Prepare billing documents
o Proof of Service and W9 for your QME report
o Serving hard copies to all parties
o Active follow up
o Timely second bill reviews (SBR) and independent bill reviews (IBR) will be filed, when applicable